Helicopter spare parts for sale | Rotorplace professional website

What is Rotorplace ?

Rotorplace is the 1st e-commerce helicopter parts website for professionals in the aeronautical industry. Whether you are an operator, a builder or a workshop, you can now find all the parts you need in just a few clicks at any time

We offer accessories, tooling, equipments, plexiglass, mechanics, servo controls, engines and many other parts delivered with their documents at any time, anywhere around the world.

Thanks to RotorPlace, you no longer have to waste time looking for a contact, an address, a manufacturer or a repairer, nor have to shop around to find the best quality part at the best price.

Rotorplace does it all for you thanks to its working relationship with every manufacturer.

Our philosophy is simplicity and speed !

Get ahead and save time! In just a few clicks, switch from one manufacturer or repairer to another and order directly online. The Rotorplace platform speeds up access between manufacturers, repairers and operators.

All of our products come with a warranty directly from the manufacturers. 

Keep flying safely thanks to Helinetwork international and RotorPlace!

How does it work?


You must create an account and await its validation in order to view prices and order products. Without account, you will only be able to see products without their prices, but you will not be able to order them until your account has been validated.

Once you are registered, you will receive a registration summary via email.


Once your account has been validated, you can start shopping and adding products to your cart.

  • For new parts: it's easy – just add to your cart and pay online
  • For Standard Exchange: Prepare your documents for your old parts, submit them online. When you are ready to pay, you will only be able to see the quote option. Select this option to receive confirmation of your quote request. We will then check your documents and send you the final quote with a link to pay online as well as a billing agreement which you must sign and return to us.

You can search for your products by manufacturer or type of products via the horizontal menu, or search by Part number or designation in the search bar.


Provide delivery instructions and information about your carrier and our teams will dispatch your order. Each order is tracked by a dedicated worker.

It is the client’s responsibility to pay for all deliveries from our offices to the client’s premises.

If you do not have an account with a carrier, send us an email and we can suggest several delivery solutions.

Payment methods

• Online payment: purchases of up to €15,000. Secure online payment with PayZen is the simplest and fastest method. Your order is processed directly.

• Bank transfer: no upper limit. Your order will be processed once the transfer is received.

• Quote: if you have one or more products in your cart being standard exchanged, we check all the documents and send you a billing agreement and the final quote as soon as possible with a link to pay online. The order will only be processed once the payment has been received and the billing agreement has been signed and returned to us.

All orders with at least one product being standard exchanged will be processed via the quote option.

Minimum onsite purchase: €750

If your order is less than this amount, the only payment option will be via a personalized quote which will be sent to you.

Then leave it up to Rotorplace!

We check every part before dispatching it with its paperwork: EASA FORM ONE, Certificate of Conformity and FME if applicable.

We track every order until it is delivered to you, and our after-sales service takes care of the warranty.

We guarantee fast deliveries, quality products, traceability and fair prices.