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Maintenance , Repair and overhaul (MRO)

For more than 25 years our customers have trusted us for the maintenance, repair and overhaul of their helicopter parts. Many years that have allowed us to develop strong partnerships with various PART 145 approved maintenance workshops.

No more need to search among the different workshops to find out who is authorized to repair your part. We will do it for you, while offering you the fastest and cheapest service among our MRO workshops.

To find the parts available in Maintenance, Repair or Overhaul, it's easy. Just look to see if the parts on our site have the orange MRO badge.

Pour vous garantir un service fiable et de qualité, nos ateliers  PART 145 sont tous agréés par les autorités comptétentes et les fabricants. 

(Code: 81440-XX-MRO)
GPS | PN: 81440-XX
(Code: 522-2638-XXX-MRO)
HSI | PN: 522-2638-XXX
(Code: 792-6356-XXX-MRO)
HSI | PN: 792-6356-XXX
(Code: 622-0555-XXX-MRO)
RMI | PN: 622-0555-XXX
(Code: 522-3985-XXX-MRO)
HSI | PN: 522-3985-XXX
(Code: 792-6694-XXX-MRO)
HSI | PN: 792-6694-XXX
(Code: 622-4565-XXX-MRO)
HSI | PN: 622-4565-XXX
(Code: 522-3241-XXX-MRO)
HSI | PN: 522-3241-XXX
(Code: 792-6122-XXX-MRO)
CDE HF | PN: 792-6122-XXX
(Code: 522-1836-XX-MRO)
ADF | PN: 522-1836-XX
(Code: 522-2587-XX-MRO)
ADF | PN: 522-2587-XX
(Code: 597-0866-XXX-MRO)
ADF | PN: 597-0866-XXX
(Code: 777-1492-XXX-MRO)
ADF | PN: 777-1492-XXX
(Code: 792-6216-XXX-MRO)
ADF | PN: 792-6216-XXX
(Code: 522-4089-XXX-MRO)
VHF | PN: 522-4089-XXX
(Code: 622-1181-XXX-MRO)
VHF | PN: 622-1181-XXX
(Code: 787-6934-XXX-MRO)
HF | PN: 787-6934-XXX
(Code: 93A100-XX-MRO)
CVR | PN: 93A100-XX
(Code: S100-0080-00-MRO)
CVR | PN: S100-0080-00
(Code: 622-2362-XXX-MRO)
ADF | PN: 622-2362-XXX
(Code: 622-2873-XXX-MRO)
ADF | PN: 622-2873-XXX